About Us

Homemonger is the stepping stone in creating an ideology, an origin to inspire and bring creativity to your home, to take you on our journey, helping you create the home of your dreams.
From as early as I (Karen) can remember I have always been drawn to a sense of style. To be surrounded by beautiful things that absorb you into a world of luxury and by luxury it doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. The epitome of luxury is beauty and beauty comes in many forms, more often purely through nature itself.
We have been fortunate enough to have travelled and experienced many parts of the world and all the beautiful things each country has to offer. It’s our passion now to bring some of those experiences to you so you too can enjoy them.
We are at the first stage of this journey, in which we hope you will share and take great joy and inspiration from our carefully curated collection of homewares,and lifestyle products, some to be exclusively designed by me, some new and some vintage all brought to you with our vision, a vision we want to share, so you too can surround yourself with beautiful things that enhance who you are and bring a sense of joy into your everyday life. 
We are both passionate about the home and what the home should be. A Home should embrace you, giving a sense of contentment, luxury, comfort, style and warmth that equally feels the same to your guests. It is essential that a home should have a personality and often this happens over a period of time as the home evolves. 
So, whether you’re a creative yourself or if you need the inspiration our vision will constantly keep moving, keeping it new and fresh and full of exciting ideas, so be sure to keep checking on our latest finds…..enjoy!